Cruise Speed
135-140 KTAS
Maximum Speed
160 KTAS
180 KIAS
Stall (Full Flap)
Stall Clean
45 KIAS 
Glide Ratio
Take Off Roll
Landing Roll
500 ft (with brakes)
Climb Rate
1200 ft / min
Roll Rate
100 degrees/second
Maneuvering Speed
100 KIAS
5 hr w/30 gal option
Range w/ reserve
675 sm w/ reserve
Jabiru 3300
Fuel Burn
N787FL dual Dynon SkyView panel
The Lightning EAB was designed to be an easy-to-build and economical-to-operate kit aircraft. The components used and techniques employed to build the kit do not require and special knowledge, tools, or building space. The kit comes with a very comprehensive build manual (newest updates are available online), that will take the guess work out of finding components to complete your Lighting and get you in the air quicker. Just open the box, trim and fit the parts, complete some easy fabrication with the provided drawings, and assemble the aircraft. Most builders can expect about a 500 hour build time.
What is in the box
All main fiberglass assemblies are pre-formed and fabricated. This includes: fuselage halves bonded together with bulkheads installed, wings closed with fuel tanks installed, all flight controls pre-molded and closed, cowls, spinner, canopy frames, cockpit seats and baggage floors.
Welded structures: motor mount, spar box assembly, gear leg sockets, and various brackets (all epoxy painted and ready to install). The landing gear is machined from 7075T6 aluminum and ready to fit. Other components are machined from 6061T6 and are ready for construction.
Also supplied in the kit is raw stock 6061T6 aluminum for fabrication of longerons, pedals supports, bell-crank mounts, and other various brackets. Some fiberglass tape is also supplied for different tasks.
There are a variety of components that are sourced from other aviation industry manufacturers. The wheels and brakes come from Matco Mfg, these are the 5" size and use standard 500-5 tires. The canopy and quarter windows are supplied by Aircraft Windshields Inc, one of the leading companies in the industry. All hardware comes from Aircraft Spruce.
The kit comes with the firewall forward package for the Jabiru 3300 engine. This includes: all engine controls, carburetor heat system, oil recovery system, battery and battery mount hardware, oil cooler and AN fittings with braided lines.

What is not included
You will have to get the engine. The kit was designed around the Jabiru 3300 120HP aircraft engine, and we have them in stock. A propeller must be purchased separately. We will happily suggest the best suitable prop depending on on the type of Lightning you are building.
The kit does not come with any avionics or interior, but we will be able to assist you in designing and installing the panel and interior that best meet your needs. There is no paint, but a gel-coat surface is free of pinholes and makes the prep job much easier.
Also not included are epoxy resin or epoxy hardeners - the cost of the item is eliminated from the kit and you will need to purchase some from Aircraft spruce. Same goes for any additional fiberglass cloth.
Fly it like you built it
Take-off is simple with a conventional rudder and toe brakes, and after about 400 feet the loaded Lightning will easily climb in excess of 1000FPM. In the air the airplane is lighter and more responsive than most GA aircraft but is exceptionally solid on the controls. The crisp handling is a result of an all push rod control system through sticks, not control wheels. Although solid and stable, this bird will move when you want and where you want with the easiest of control movements. And when you are ready to land, you will experience slow stable approach speeds well under other aircraft in its class.

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